I’m rocking a pretty big woody for this one.

Your car might have AWD, but that doesn’t automatically make it capable to drive through a blizzard.

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I thought Jaguar had a copyright on this color of blue?  Love the RS5

Two Steps From Disaster

Remarkably, I seem to have gotten through much of my first semester living on my own.  It hasn’t been particularly difficult.  I’ve realized that risk assessment is about 95% of college. How long should I stay at this party?  Well, just until it’s JUST about to get squashed by the cops.  How big should this rager that I’m throwing in my room be?  JUST small enough that it’ll barely fly under the radar of the RA. How much work should I do?  JUST until I’ve done enough to snag an A.  See I’ve seen, with my own eyes, that the key is, as my boy E-Double says, living “Two Steps From Disaster”.  The key here, is being on the right side of disaster.